Improving inclusive economic growth in Mozambique through female entrepreneurship

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The WIN program helps women-led businesses to grow their incomes through better access to products, inputs and services, addressing gender inequality in commercial business.

More than three quarters of economically active Mozambicans are involved in small and informal businesses, 60% of whom are women. Despite their equal importance with male entrepreneurs, Mozambican women entrepreneurs:

  • have smaller businesses and employ fewer people

  • have higher demands at home (i.e. caring for the family)

  • face discrimination and unequal access to networks and information


The longstanding culture of female entrepreneurship has the potential to drive more inclusive economic growth in Mozambique.


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The WIN program is financed by The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and implemented in partnership with TechnoServe.

The five-year program began in 2018 with a plan to grow and evolve in Mozambique through the end of 2022 with the help our team of experienced professionals.



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WIN is a change facilitator.

WIN’s role is to identify opportunities and barriers for women and find business partners with the incentive and ability to break down those barriers. This is known as a market systems approach, or “M4P” (Making Markets work for the Poor).

We work in partnership with permanent market players - such as private sector companies, associations, service providers and regulators. Our method is to carefully select partners to test new ways of working, before inviting other market players to replicate their success.

This approach allows us to find sustainable, lasting, market-based solutions for women.

Examples of intervention areas include:


Access to Equipment

Women entrepreneurs need access to reliable equipment to be productive. WIN is helping companies that have equipment - from cold storage containers to sewing machines - to develop more inclusive models that reach lower-income women.


Financial services

Financial services are necessary for any growing business. Often, the discussion is heavily focused on credit. But payments (including cross-border), savings and value-added services are also relevant. WIN is working with the financial services industry to understand the needs of women entrepreneurs and develop better tailored solutions for them.

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Access to Quality, convenient products

To sell high volumes, a retailer needs good products. But in Mozambique, poor information flows and weak, fragmented transport systems, along with reduced mobility, make women retailers less efficient. WIN is working with distributors and transport providers to improve the supply of good produce, so that women entrepreneurs can focus on serving their customers.

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Capacity building and tools

Improved business management has been shown to lead to higher incomes, but many women entrepreneurs do not have access to tools and training. WIN is looking at various sustainable methods to overcome this – including working with vocational colleges, facilitating use of new tools or existing social media for business use, and working with larger-scale actors to incorporate training in their distribution models.

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Artisanal craft

Production of textiles and garments has the potential to employ many women in Mozambique. The country is a major cotton producer, but is missing out on potential value-addition of its resource. We are working with partners to develop a role for women in artisanal production of cloth.



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